AppsApps to see your city from the satellite

Apps to see your city from the satellite

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Google Earths seems to be the unstoppable leader when it comes to a visualization platform. With this app, you can access a multitude of virtual representations of the Earth in three dimensions. However, there are other apps to see your city by satellite which is worth a try. So, below are the best app options to see your city from the satellite.

3 best apps to see your city by satellite

NASA Visualization Explorer

An application sponsored by the American Space Agency is undoubtedly a quality application. This is therefore the case with NASA Visualization Explorer, an open source program that is definitely one of the best alternatives to Google Earth. 

You should know that this application is a software development kit based on Java.

NASA Visualization Explorer is primarily designed for developers. They can use it to develop programs using NASA or USGS data. These can be topographical maps or satellite images. 

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A multitude of controls are offered by NASA Visualization Explorer, ranging from zoom to tilt. In addition, millions of political borders, place names and lines of latitude or longitude are included in the database.

What you still need to know about NASA Visualization Explorer is that a large number of plugins and add-ons are associated with it. You will be able to use them to complete the app's features. 

For example, you can add camera control scripts. Likewise, some plugins and add-ons allow you to add XML files that show placeholders that appear as icons.

Earth 3D

Do you just want to have an application to view terrestrial satellite images? In that case, you can settle for Earth 3D. This Google Earth alternative is browser-based and grants you access to any corner of the globe. 

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As its name suggests, Earth 3D is an application available online. You can use it to view satellite images of the Earth using various sources. 

The most used fonts by Earth 3D are NASA, Bing Maps and ArcGIS. You can specify a custom date for images provided by the US Space Agency.

Earth 3D also has a search feature that allows you to view images about any location on Earth. What's even more interesting about the app is that you have the opportunity to share the viewed images thanks to the direct links!

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TerraExplorer application for cell phones and computers. Image: Google


Terra Explorer is a browser that lets you view places in the world in 3D. It is the ideal tool for organizing trips and monitoring sporting events. 

Precision and flexibility are among its assets. There are three versions or 3 levels of functionality: TerraExplorer viewer, TerraExplorer plus, TerraExplorer pro. 

Other options like create 3D video and slideshow, analyze, share high resolution 3D geospatial data are available for you. 

Terra Explorer is characterized by its interoperability, support for any format, its advanced drawing tools, but also for its image projects and altitude overlay.

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