UtilitiesHow to get free credits on Google Play?

How to get free credits on Google Play?

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If you are a fan of Android, then free Google Play credits might be something that interests you. But the question that remains is, how to get free credits on google play?So, throughout this article, you will learn how to how to get free credits on google play.

How to get free credits on Google Play?

Get Free Google Play Credits with Google Opinion Rewards

First of all, you have to install the app called “Google Opinion Rewards” on your Android device through the Google Play Store. 

After installing this app on your device, you have to go through its initial setup which will be a kind of guide that will help you configure your app so that you can get the surveys. 

After finishing the elements of the guide, you will be prompted to start using the app.

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All the settings help to provide the Google Rewards Opinion app with more and more information about all the places you visit, nearby commercial offers and also improve the performance of the app. 

So this tends to increase the number of surveys you get from the app.

Register your Chromecast devices

Google will also reward you for using its Google Home app to register your Chromecast gadgets. Reports indicate that you can receive up to $$25 in Play Store credits for doing so.

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MISTPLAY: Play to earn rewards

Mistplay lets you earn money by playing a variety of mobile games. It's the best app for gamers who want to earn extra money while playing popular games they love.

When you play sponsored games on Mistplay and level up, you'll earn points built into the app. Points can be redeemed for a variety of free rewards, including:

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  • Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Free Google Play Credit.
  • iTunes Cards.
  • Nintendo Gift Cards.
  • PlayStation Gift Cards.

Points seem to accumulate quickly at first, allowing you to cash out early on. However, the points slowly become more difficult to redeem due to the availability of games and the amount of points those games are worth.

Full Lockscreen: Cash Rewards

Full Lockscreen: Cash Rewards app has a unique way to pay cash rewards. You earn points for doing nothing, but in return you allow Full Lockscreen to place items, sponsored offers, and ads on your phone's lock screen.

You don't need to interact with articles or sponsored content to earn passive income.

Just use your phone as normal and you'll get 0.10 points added to your account every day. It may not seem like much but in a year, it can make you some money and there are small in-app surveys that can bring you more income.


If you love games and want more ways to get free Google Play credits by playing your favorite games, you'll love Gamehag.

Like Mistplay, Gamehag is a player loyalty program that lets you try out exciting new games in exchange for points.

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