AppsApplications to make digital signage on mobile

Applications to make digital signage on mobile

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Have you ever thought about using your mobile device as an LED screen to show different phrases in motion, be it to support your football team, to identify yourself in a meeting, to greet a person who is far away, among other possibilities?

Well, this is possible through the apps to make digital signage on mobile.So, to help you understand more about the apps to make digital signage on mobile, we have prepared today's article on the subject.

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What are the best apps to make a digital sign on your cell phone?

LED Digital Sign

The first of the options is the LED Digital Sign, which allows the user to adapt the speed, size, direction of movement or even the type of flickering to the phrase you want to display, which can also be accompanied by an emoticon to improve what you want express through it.

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This app which has a free version is a Pro version which adds extra features under an ad-free experience. It is available for all Android devices starting from version 4.2.

Digital Signboard Led Panel

Now we look at the Digital Signboard Led Panel and, well, it pretty much lets you do the same. According to its description, it allows you to write a message, select the speed, color, blink and move the text to the sides. 

While it's true that the app is little simpler than the previous option, it should also be noted that the UI looks a little less modern.

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LED Scroller: LED banner text

Now, we look at the LED Scroller: LED banner text, which is also very complete.

In this sense, the application seeks to offer a sense of realism by allowing you to select the points of the LED arrays between square or round types, also showing some brightness, which is also adjustable in the preferences. 

Obviously, it also allows the selection of font size, color, displacements, movements, and a few more elements, making it even possible to serve as an image generator.

Applications to make digital signage on mobile
Applications to make digital signage on mobile. Image: Google

scroller led display

Display LED scroller turns your smartphone into a support to display all kinds of messages. Your phone will become a digital sign where you can write whatever sentence you want.

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Want to tell your partner that you love him? Would you like to draw attention to this or that passion in the place where the two of you usually go? 

Need a way for your friends to find you in the hustle and bustle of a festival? Are you organizing a marketing event? For all that and more, this app might be of use to you.

With Display LED scroller you can choose the color of the letters and the color of the background. There are a few fixed colors to choose from, but you can also select your own. apps to make digital sign on cell phone? So be sure to follow the other articles on the blog, we have many other news for you!

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