PhotosApps to change gender: 3 good options

Apps to change gender: 3 good options

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Nowadays, artificial intelligence has reached a level never seen before. That's why, gender change apps are increasingly popular and realistic. So, throughout this article, follow the best apps to change gender.

3 good app options to change gender

1. Snapchat

Apparently, it was Snapchat that launched all the hype for interactive and reliable filters, and so far, only a few apps have been able to replicate its results. Therefore, it is the best option to change sex in few steps.

The application includes a fun filter that consists of taking a Photograph to see your female or male version. Through artificial intelligence it calculates and makes projections of what your face would look like, which can give a very reliable photo.

On the other hand, Snapchat also provides another fun filter that serves a similar purpose. And that is, if you want to put your face on the body of your sister, friend or wife. Or the other way around.

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There's also a filter that lets you swap the faces of two subjects, whether they're in the same image or two different photos. 

This is an awesome option to try out and which you can play with your friends.

2. FaceApp

The reason why we ranked FaceApp second is because the results you get with it are really, really realistic.

This application of Russian origin has caused a sensation on the Internet because of a filter that can transform it into an older or younger version of itself, but what most captivates those who see the results is the realism with which it is edited.

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In fact, FaceApp is the first app to change facial features, including a very effective gender change. 

Now you can add hair and styles, change the features of their faces, paint and enlarge their lips, or simply change the background to create a realistic montage that places you somewhere else.

However, the app is accused of being used as a spy weapon, so be careful.

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gender change apps
Apps to change gender. Image: Google

3. Face Transformation – Gender Changer

Another application to change a man's face to a woman's with sensational results is Face Transformation – Gender Changer, an application that has nothing to envy to the others on this list.

In fact, the application works like a powerful digital makeup artist, with which you can do fun touch-ups, change the size and color of your eyes, put on a feminine wig with different styles and hairstyles, as well as change your color and reflections.

On the other hand, Face Transformation – Gender Changer has several amazing tools that you shouldn't miss. For example, if you want to distort your face according to your tastes, as well as perform an express operation on the nose, mouth or cheeks, you are just a few steps away.

If you like filters, you also have the opportunity to add some to your edited images.

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