PhotosApps to change home wall color

Apps to change home wall color

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Choosing the paint color for your home can become a daunting task. You could spend hours in the paint section comparing swatches and trying to find the perfect match. Fortunately, there are now apps to change wall color that can help you.

And what's better, these apps to change wall color are free and compatible with Android and Apple. Therefore, to help you understand more about the apps to change wall color, I prepared today's article on the subject. Interested in finding out more? So follow with me right now!

What apps to change the wall color? 

Color Snap

The app includes a color explorer function that will allow you to search for a specific shade by name, number or color family. 

The color matching function lets you take a photo or select an existing one from your library, and the app matches that color with an existing one.

A notable detail is that the application can show different color matching results for the same swatch. 

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Of course, when it comes to very similar colors, it's best to paint a small corner of the wall and see the actual paint color before making the purchase, as natural lighting and time of day greatly influence color perception.

The display function of application lets you paint virtually a handful of rooms just by clicking on a color and then clicking on the wall where you'd like to see the color.

paint my room

Paint My Room is the only app on our list that isn't tied to a big painting company, but is for exploring.

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You can take or upload an existing photo of the space you are going to paint, select the brand and range of colors, and virtually paint it.

The “paint” function isn't very ergonomic because you have to use your finger to spread the color, which complicates precision, or use the fill function, which also has a hard time staying within the lines.

When trying to paint a picture of a kitchen, for example, it may cover objects and furniture and not exactly paint the wall area.

Of course, this function is designed so that the user has an idea of how a color will look and that he can focus on the details later, but if you don't have an empty room or a very precise pulse, it will be difficult to choose the color.

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Apps to change wall color
Applications to change the wall color. Image: Google

color match

While it's not exactly a wall color changer app, it might be a good idea to download it.

Users can upload photos and receive advice from a color consultant via live video, audio or email. Color Consultation's online tools also include how-to videos to paint like a pro. 

It is ideal for those who want to explore different ways to paint the house by themselves.

Like to know more about the apps to change wall color? So be sure to follow the other articles on the blog, I have many other news for you!

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