Learn how to download videos from Instagram on Mobile

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The days when you could share a simple photo in an Instagram post are over. Now, not only can you share videos, but with IGTV, you can share ten minutes of video in a single Instagram post. Given this, many people wonder how to download videos from instagram.

Indeed, this is a pertinent question, after all, we are in the age of videos. So, let's see in all the details how to download videos from instagram.

How to download videos from Instagram?

on android

On android, you will find plenty of apps when you want to download Instagram videos to your android phone.

Search the Google Play Store for “Instagram Video Downloader” and check customer reviews on some of the top rated apps. Or don't hesitate to use the app that I'm going to show you right away.

1. Download the app from the Google Play Store.

Go to Google Play Store and download the “Instagram Video Downloader” app

2. Go to Instagram 

Open Instagram on your phone and navigate to the post you want to download, then click on the post you chose.

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3. Tap the three dots

In the top right corner of the post you will see three vertical dots. Click on these three dots and a menu will appear.

4. Copy Instagram post link

In the menu options that appear, tap on the option that says “Copy Link”.

Once you do that, the app will automatically record the video to your phone's gallery.

The downloaded videos are in your phone's gallery in a new album that was automatically created called “InstaDownload”.

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You can also find your downloaded Insta videos by opening the app itself.

When you click on “History”, you will see all the videos you have recorded with the app. To share one of these videos on your own account (with credit to the creator, of course!), press the button that says “Edit”.

How to Download Videos from Instagram on Mobile. Image: Google


As with downloading Instagram videos to an Android, you can also use an app that you can download from the app store. The process will generally remain the same as above. 

But in our opinion, these apps are not necessarily the fastest way to record an Instagram video, which is why we bring you Video Screenshot Capture Solution.

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Video screenshots are very simple on iPhone, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize commands and tap on “screen recording”.
  • Access your control center
  • Tap the gray recording icon to start recording.
  • Record the Instagram video you wanted to record

Stop recording by clicking on the same button as before that appears in red. Now you can find your recorded video in your gallery. All you have to do is edit your video so that you only have the video content you want.

Very simple and practical, isn't it?

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